A Non-Disclosure agreement is a contract between two or more people that prevents the disclosure of confidential information.

A properly drafted Non-disclosure agreement, otherwise known as an “NDA” sets out the process which must be utilized to protect information from disclosure, as well as provide the appropriate remedies and recovery of damages should a breach of the agreement occur.

Although there are general standards to an NDA, a proper NDA incorporates the particulars of the industry, or the particulars of the type of information which will be exchanged. Additionally, the type of damages and how the injunctive relief is to be determined should be based on the particular needs of the client.

For the cost of $350.00, you will receive a standard NDA draft for you to review. Additionally, we will set you up with a phone, skype or in-person consult with a board certified attorney to discuss your particular business needs for the Non-Disclosure agreement, and based on the consultation, the attorney will amend the standard NDA agreement to meet or exceed the particular needs of the client.

Generally speaking, once you have a proper NDA in place, the same language of the NDA can be used for other similar type of disclosures, even if it involves different parties.

So, for $350.00 you get the benefits of a customized NDA agreement to meet or exceed your needs, as well as a legal consultation with one of our business law attorneys where you can discuss other business law related matters, as the case may be.

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